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Aloha and Welcome to Mark Glen Auctions

Mark Glen Auctions has provided thousands of turn-key auctions to Hawaiian Island based businesses over the past 22 years. Our primary focus and concentration are business related assets including machinery and equipment, inventory, vehicles and any items associated with operating a business.

Our business model is quick, decisive, and responsive to the needs of the business community to solve their problems to sell assets. Most sales are done on a live, local basis, either at the client’s business site or at our central Honolulu warehouse. We partner with the largest global internet based auction companies to provide webcast, online bidding and expose assets to a multitude of global and competitive buyers.

Other services include cash buys of real estate with a five day close or the purchase of businesses operating or their assets. Also, private equity funds are available. 

We also have a Gold, Silver and Platinum buying storefront at 1357 South Beretania Street on the corner of Keeaumoku and Beretania - THE GOLD BUILDING. We pay the highest prices and will outbid any offer you may receive from any other gold buyer. Our low overhead translates into bigger payouts to you.

808-599-3888 for more information. We are located in Honolulu, Hawaii.
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90% of an auction is done before the first bid is called for!!!

The auction itself is the focal point of the auction business. It is the part that everyone sees and hears. It is what brings them out and what stimulates their competitive natures. It is our job to hold their interest, excite and motivate them and change them from by-standers to active participants. All of our staff thrives on the excitement of a live auction, however, we also know that proper advance work is necessary to ensure the auction proceeds smoothly and professionally so that everyone is satisfied.

Advance planning includes establishing and making clear the proper "Terms and Conditions" that will govern the auction, method of payment, transfer of title and bill of sale, time and place of pick-up and all the other details that must be addressed and coordinated.

Keeping in mind that auctions are businesses, they can be fun, too. People enjoy coming out to hear the rhythmic, enticing chant of the auctioneer. They will test the waters with a tentative bid then..they're off to the races. Auctions are crowd pleasing, people events, that no other type of marketing can come close to.

A well run auction will have the proper number of staff personnel to assist the buyers and keep the auction running smoothly and in control. For a large crowd, one or two ringmen may be employed to facilitate bid catching and coax out a few more bids.

A well run auction will have everyone going home satisfied that the auction was conducted professionally and everyone was treated equally and fairly.

Auction Marketing is the single most important item that is done prior to an auction. Marketing includes all advertising and promotion. It ranges from newspaper ads to direct mail brochures to telemarketing to web promotion.

Without prior exposure and advertising, an auction is doomed to failure. Nothing can happen at auctions without bidders. Properly advertised and promoted, an auction insures that fair market value is reached.

The competitive bidding process is number one in achieving the most money. At auctions everything sells! Nothing is left over, even the unwanted items sell.

When it comes to the day of the auction, it is too late to place last minute ads or try to get more buyers. That is why it is important an auction is properly advertised.

As auctioneers, we understand how to target a mailing to a certain audience and get them to respond. We know what it takes to turn out a crowd. We understand media mix and the importance of using a variety of advertising methods.

In short, a cost effective, well-planned and properly executed marketing plan assures your auction will be a success.